How it all began

We are Angie and Robin.

In 2007, shortly before the birth of our first child, we went to a baby shop in Bochum to buy the typical first equipment for babies. Or should I rather say the typical first-parental equipment?

What you think you need for your first child: a changing table, a wardrobe (with a mini hanging bar!) and of course a cot. In addition to that, a baby bath, a diaper pail, travel cot and baby bouncer of course not to forget... about 100 other things on an endless list. Well, do you find yourself again? And what do you need at the end of it? Almost nothing. At least that is how it was in our case. But what I also took with me was a Baby-JoJo spring cradle. 

And that was the only thing we really needed. Fortunately, because our son slept only and exclusively in the Baby Jojo swinging baby hammock.

The family business adventure

In 2009 I (Angie) took over the distribution for Baby JoJo in Germany. It was the first baby hammock we imported. A few more swinging hammocks from Sweden and New Zealand followed until we started to manufacture and sell our own baby hammocks in 2010. 

That was the beginning of our great adventure. What started out as a one-woman-show in our living room, grew within a few years into an internationally active company with over 30 permanent employees.

Time out and a fresh start

In 2016, my sisters fifth child was diagnosed with trisomy 13, and I decided it was time to take more care of my family and friends. Only 4 days after the birth of my little niece, we sold our company and 4 wonderful years followed away from the hustle and bustle of everyday entrepreneurship with lots and lots of love, family, travel and time for friends, good food and gin.

Even 14 years after I put a baby in a spring cradle for the first time, I cannot imagine a better place to sleep for a baby and in my head I could never stop developing new ideas for swinging baby hammocks and cradles.

In 2021 the Baby JoJo found its way back into our lives and now we're back. 

Full of energy, ideas and zest for action to rock the baby hammock´s world a second time.

You can be curious what we have planned for you.

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