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Good night thanks to the baby hammock

Which parents do not know the ups and downs with their offspring's sleep? Sometimes it's going well, sometimes not so much. Up and down may even be the solution! The gently swinging sleeping aid from MySiga gently rocks your little one to sleep. We are your experts on everything to do with swinging baby hammocks.

Baby hammock as a tried and tested sleep aid

Swinging hammocks have proven themselves over many years as a sleep aid for newborns. The cave of the hammock gives back the feeling of security in mom's belly. Baby's spine is also relieved by the natural curve of the baby hammock. The special spring ensures even, gentle swinging, which can help to alleviate discomfort in your darling.

Baby hammock made from natural materials

When choosing the material for our hammocks, we pay attention to natural fabrics. We manufacture the baby hammocks from 100% cotton. The mattress cover is also made of 100% cotton. It is filled with synthetic fibers, which also makes the mattress suitable for hygienically clean machine washing. So you create a comfortable sleeping environment for your sweetheart.

Cradle as a flexible cuddly cave

With a swinging baby hammock from the MySiga range, you are absolutely flexible. With various hanging options, you have the right solution for every room in the house - and even for the garden or when traveling. Thanks to the compact pack size, you can always take the baby hammock with you and your little one will always have their usual sleeping cave with them.

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