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Easy. Relaxed. Fall asleep.

Sleep is a wonderful invention. Unfortunately, things don't always work so well with a newborn. Your baby first has to get used to a fixed day-night rhythm. The gentle swing and the narrow sleeping cave of the MyCoSiga swinging hammocks offer your darling a safe sleeping environment in which they can fall asleep relaxed.

Ready-to-Sleep Swinging hammock in a complete set h2>

Newborn babies have to process many new impressions and external influences after delivery. Suddenly, the familiar feeling of security and security from mom's belly is no longer there. Baby hammocks have proven to be the ideal sleep aid for many years - they not only offer the newcomer a safe place to sleep, the rounded lying surface also relieves the strain on the baby's spine and ensures relaxed sleep. With the baby hammock in the complete set, you not only benefit from the advantages, you also save money.

Sleeping couldn't be more natural.

When selecting the material for our baby hammocks, we pay particular attention to the processing of natural materials and fabrics. All textile components are made from oeko-tex certified materials. The mattress of the baby hammock is filled with synthetic fiber, which means that it can be machine washed without any problems.

Swinging baby hammock sets - the choice is yours

With the baby hammock seets from the range of MyCoSiga you are spoiled for choice. We offer you the complete baby hammock set with various suspension options. Decide for yourself whether you want to use the baby hammock everywhere as a travel cot, in different rooms of the living area or classically on the ceiling.

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