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Your cradle rental service - relax and sleep!

Rent a babyhammock and test it risk-free


Not sure whether the spring cradle is the right sleep aid for your baby? Then do the cradle test! With our rental service we offer you full flexibility with zero risk. Because you never pay more than the purchase price.

You can find an overview of our rental products on our RENTING page. All Products that are also available as rental items, you can choose on the product page whether you want to rent or buy the item. Simply click on the "Rent" option and add it to your shopping cart. In addition to the spring cradle, you can also rent a fastening option of your choice. The door frame clamp, for example, is a space-saving solution, as you can take it with you not only from room to room, but also when traveling or visiting grandparents, and use it easily - without any hassle. You can always rent or buy these mounting options later. Please note that we cannot offer the ceiling attachment for rent for safety reasons.


The rental prices vary depending on the cradle and consist of one (1) month's rent and a one-time deposit. If you want to test the products for more than a month, the rental period is extended by one week at a time. We will simply deduct the resulting rental fees from the deposit paid.


You can easily convert the rented products into a purchase. With the rental price and the deposit, you have already paid the purchase price. So, just keep the cradle and continue to sleep relaxed.


You can return your rental product to us at any time. Please note that we always charge the first 4 weeks in full (even if the rental item is returned before the end of the rental period), after that we bill on a weekly basis. You can use our RETURN FORM for the return. This way we can easily and quickly allocate the rental item. It is best to pack the rental items for return in the original box. Make sure that the items are complete. The item does not need to be cleaned prior to return - we will take care of cleaning the rental items


Does your baby not want to sleep in the baby hammock? Do you have any questions about the product, renting or buying? Then check out our FAQ or contact us. We are happy to help you!

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