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Use the possibilities of your swinging baby hammock

With a baby hammock from MySiga you have many options to create a cozy sleeping cave for your sweetheart. You can choose different hanging options for each room in your home. So you always have your treasure close by. Or you can make cleaning of your hammock even easier with a mattress cover: Simply peel it off, put it in the washing machine and stains don't stand a chance. We are always developing new accessories. So it is worthwhile to stop by our shop every now and then. Or you can subscribe to our free newsletter and be the first to be informed about news.

Spare parts for your baby hammock

Are you missing an accessory? You have misplaced the snap hook or want to attach the sleeping aid to the ceiling in different rooms. You can find the right articles here. You can simply buy everything for your baby hammock from us - of course in the best quality. Please only use our original parts. This is the only way we can promise you that your swinging baby hammock can be safely installed.

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